Eat Real Food

Emma Wildgoose ~ Eat Real Food
Nutritional Adviser and Cook

Eat Real Food

In the first our of Hot Gossip series, we talk the lovely Emma from the delicious and nutritious Eat Real Food. You'll be hungry by the end of it!

What was the driver that got you to bite the bullet and start up Eat Real Food?

I have always loved food and cooking but during my pregnancies I put on weight. It forced me to find a solution that combined a passion for food with health & well being. So I embarked on my diploma in nutrition and started to develop recipes that tasted divine whilst also being good for you.

Does it work around your family live?

In theory yes but in reality definitely not! 

What would you tell yourself if you were starting again now?

Not to panic about trying plenty of business ideas. In the food industry there are so many routes that you can take. It was hard setting up different strands to the business but now I love doing the variety of things that I offer. It keeps my work varied and I am always open to new opportunities. I never know where things may take me. I used to find that daunting but now I find it one of the most exciting parts!

Any tips you can share for starting up a small business? 

Work with mums. I have relied on mums for every part of my business set up from web design to accounts. They are an extremely talented, supportive and very hardworking network.

Thank you so much Emma for sharing your delicious and nutritious business with us! We love it.

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