Our Story

Why choose Box of Smiles?
At Box of Smiles we are passionate about creating a gift that is going to generate a big bright smile with every box lid unveiling.                                                  

Our independent partners are chosen because they are of excellent quality, with a modern and fresh feel whilst supporting strong social and ethical values. The majority of our partners are UK artisians, with a couple from overseas because they were simply too gorgeous to be left out. 

As well as fabulous independent products, the presentation of the gift is equally important to us. We only use premium wrapping materials and each carefully considered box of treats is beautifully packaged by hand with the addition of personal touches to make it a truly special gift.

We are also conscious that in today's busy world, the gift buying experience needs to be an effortless one. When you buy a Box of Smiles gift, we will wrap it, personalise it and send it on its merry way.                  

How it all started..


Hello, I'm Sarah. Mummy to three little ones, qualified teacher and I also have a background in marketing. The idea behind Box of Smiles was born after having my second child in 2013. I had a few friends that had poorly children and I wanted to create something fun that would keep them occupied in hospital and make them smile. I remembered the story book My Naughty Little Sister - The Cross Spotty Child. The child was poorly and her Mum made her a Get Better Box. It was a small box filled with exciting little things to play with. (Check out our guide to creating your own Get Better Box). 


My mum made me and my sisters one and I remembered the pure delight of being ill just so the Get Better Box would come out. I even remember once hairdryering my forehead and putting the thermometer to my bedside lamp's lightbulb so I could get a day off school and play with the cherished box of treats. 


My Mum's original Get Better Box (1980s)

So I started creating Get Better Boxes for friends if their little ones were very poorly or had a hospital trip. I had such positive reactions to the boxes that I started investigating the concept of making people smile with each box opening. My Welcome to the World Boxes for new babies were a natural development. After having my babies, the gifts that I really treasured were the ones that thought had obviously gone into and the ones that had my babies' name on. Just seeing my new baby's name printed, stitched or engraved on something (anything to be honest) was so special. 

After the birth of my third child I really wanted to focus on mums because I felt strongly about this deserving collective receiving some TLC and recognition after the momentous thing they had just done. Growing and pushing out a human is remarkable ~ our Super Mum range is a salute to all mums. 

I started to receive requests for boxes to show a token of appreciation or for a friend going through a difficult patch. It became evident that there was a need for a gift to simply say 'thank you' or 'I'm thinking of you'. Something that a card, text or bunch of flowers wasn't quite going to do. 

It was at this stage that I was still juggling the children, part-time teaching and creating my gift boxes. I was fast discovering the emotional and financial pressures of trying to do it all. I had huge reservations at the time about handing in my resignation as a teacher but for now, it suits me and my family.

So here I am, on a little quest of my own, to try and make people smile...  I also enjoy a large glass of wine (or two) when the kids go to bed! That makes me smile anyway!