Tea spoons

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Remind a friend why they're so special. Celebrate a baby's arrival or Christening. Customise your very own cocktail or gin stirrer. Whatever the reason, get creative and we'll do the rest for you. 

Our hand selected range of silver-plated vintage tea spoons are sourced from all over the UK before they are polished, hand-stamped and packaged up with the addition of personal touches.

Each tea spoon comes with the option of being placed in a smart gift box with personal message card mounted to the inside box lid. It's tied with black and white twine and a personalised name tag. A polish cloth is included so the recipient can keep it shiny!

If you choose not to have a gift box, the tea spoon will be wrapped in tissue paper and tied with black and white twine and a personalised name tag. A personal message card will be included too. 

Simply type your message in the box below (a max of 7 letters per line and 4 lines).

Examples include: baby boy, baby girl, super mum, you rock, stir in hugs, you're a star.

Each piece of cutlery is customised by hand so pacing and alignment of letters are not exact (it adds to the charm of this unique gift). Not suitable for the dishwasher. Use silver polish and polish cloth to keep the spoon looking shiny. Care instructions are included with the gift. 

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